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Our mission is to create long-lasting outerwear in a world undergoing rapid change. When you buy a garment from us, we want you to enjoy it for a long time. Therefore, we have put together a guide on how to make your garment last a lifetime (or close to).

Remember to always take good care of your garment – treat stains, ventilate the garment every now and then and always wash your garments with organic washing detergent. If you do this, you are extending the lifetime of your garment and care for the environment. If you no longer want your jacket, keep in mind that its lifespan might not be over! Donate your jacket to second hand or hand it in for recycling, this way your jacket continues to come in handy.

Always hang a leather garment on a well-formed clothes hanger.

Dirt and dust gets easily caught in suede and fur suede.
Brush the garment with a soft brush or a piece of foam rubber that is not too thick.

  • Polishing dust on suede exists more or less on all new garments. To remove this use a brush or a tape roller.
  • You can press a garment – set the thermostat to silk or wool, press with a dry press towel, the garment must be dry.
  • If cleaning is necessary contact a professional – Do not wash in a washing machine!
    It is important to know that the lining and other details on a leather jacket do not have the same life span as the jacket itself.
  • If the garment gets wet – hang on a clothes hanger and dry slowly at room temperature. If the garment feels stiff when it has dried rub leather against leather, brush with a garment brush or dry sponge.