We are certified with Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Products certified to RDS contain down and feathers from farms certified to animal welfare requirements. Only the products which are covered by a valid transaction certificate are RDS certified. Read more about the RDS certificate here:


Do not wash your down jacket too often – but don’t wait for too long either. Dirty garments do not keep warmth as good as cleaned ones. Moreover, salt, sweat and dirt can decrease the isolating power of the down. If a stain has occurred, try to treat it with a mild detergent adjusted for down.

Most down jackets can be washed in a washing machine at home, but in some special cases you might need to hand it in to a specialist. Always follow the wash care label.

We recommend that you wash larger down jackets in washing machines of commercial grade (not under 8 kg) in a laundry house.

You can wash your jacket with other down garments – but do not fill the machine entirely. If the machine is too filled there might be a risk that the garment gets damaged.

Before you put your jacket in the washing machine it’s important that you; read through the garments wash care label, turn the garment inside out, empty the pockets and close all zippers and Velcro tape.

For washing we recommend that you use a gentle washing program on low degrees with a mild liquid detergent. We recommend a special detergent for down products. These are often soap based and designed to keep the down’s functionality in best possible way. Remember to always read the wash care label for your garment.

We recommend to never use fabric softener when washing. Partly due to the fact that the water repellent treatment (Bionic Finish) on our garments gets dissolved by softener, but mainly because fabric softener is not environmentally friendly.

After the washing program is finished it is important that you immediately remove the jacket from the machine, don’t leave it in there for a long time.


Tumble dry your garment on low temperature and take the jacket out of the machine every 30 minute to shake it and reallocate the down. By doing this you will restore the garment’s original capacity, prevent the jacket from overheating and inhibit the damp down to lump.

When you tumble dry it is also important that you use a big tumbler – small tumblers can make the garment overheated and in worst case damage the fabric.

When the jacket is washed and dried it should be put on a hanger in an airy space. Do not hang it in the closet straight afterwards, wait a couple of days for the down to get fully dry.


Store your down garment hanging on a hanger in an airy space – do not use compression bags or vacuum storage. If you do this, your jacket will have the best conditions for a long lifecycle.

Before the next season, shake and air your garment outside to make it ready for a new season.


Down is a living material, there will always be a risk of it leaking from the garment. This is a normal process when the jacket is shaping after the body. If there is down coming out of the fabric, carefully try to squeeze it back into the jacket.

If a rip has occurred on the jacket, we recommend you to repair it using a self-adhesive repair patch. Try to repair the jacket as soon as you notice the rip, in that way you will prevent more filling from leaking.


Please remove your trim from the jacket before washing. To keep your trim nice and fluffy we recommend you to brush it using a trim brush.